Whos got it right?

Matt Wilkie with Cebu TaxisI sit here and look at some of the simple life’s many people have here especially in the rural locations. A small house in a small village where chores are shared as a clan and respect for elders and family. They have no money but exist year to year on the smallest of budgets and supplies from crops. Its taking basic life to the extreme but who are we to judge to say its wrong? The chances of death if you get sick are much higher for sure but you are also unlikely to suffer with stress so somewhere along the line this balances out. The biggest problem facing the West is population growth and the fact we are living longer. A lot of the guys here are in the 70s upwards bracket and it gave them they’re life back coming to the Philippines as in most western countries your old and more of a pain cluttering up the house than a wealth of knowledge.. This is why I think the Philippines especially small communities have a lot of things in balance. Sure they aren’t as well-educated in the rural locations or have the latest phone but do they need it?

If you took a year out and lived amongst a smaller tribe in a remote location do you think you would want to come back afterwards? Would you miss your iPhone? Or do you think you would become part of the tribe and love the simple life? Even those of us who have complicated lives and careers would crave a more simple lifestyle. Because in these communities for example family comes first. Not your job not your boss.. but family. You can watch your kids grow into adults and have families of their own. I remember with Nicole my ex girlfriend complaining she didn’t get to see enough of my daughter each day.. Because I drove Nicole to school so we had a chat each day on route, then in the evenings we would spend an hour at home before she slept. But my ex only really seen Nicole for an hour a day during meal times. Except for weekends. It’s no life for a child or parent but distances and workload make things difficult. No wonder so many kids are going off the rails these days.

I hope to try the year out someday at the moment Zoei and Nicole are too young for me to disappear into the wilderness for a year although I would like to make a documentary on the life and experiences of things that happen over the year. A future project on hold.. a simple “watch this space”.