Whole Wheat Country Bread – Where To Buy In Cebu, Philippines

wholewheat country bread, Cebu, Philippines  

Good food is often hard to find in Cebu unless you make it yourself. But here you can buy a 100% whole wheat loaf without that horrible corn syrup addition. Or going for the oval loaf with only four ingredients whole wheat, water, natural sour starter and salt. You get a clean tasty loaf with a nutty wheat taste. Not as cheap as local bread but would also say take a look at a label on local bread and can you tell me how many chemicals and things are added to it?

One of the whole wheat loaves cost P150 and can be found at Banilad, Cebu, Town Centre Sunday market or by contacting :-

Email : chefdecuisinecorp@gmail.com

Mobile, Voice & SMS: +63.928.984.3609 +63.922.713.7866