Where to get good expat medical insurance

One of the things I find people overlook to often is expat medical insurance which for most people should be top of the list of things needed unless you have a sizeable lump sum at hand. I have seen people forced to literally sell everything they have here to pay medical bills before heading back to the U.S. and often well below the prices they paid as a fire sale. In these cases they generally were over 55 and were looking for long-term retirement in the Philippines but found they were hit by gout brought on by the excess beer drinking, heart attacks or strokes. Either way all cost money to stay in hospital.

So where to get good expat medical insurance is a major question and it can only come from recommendations of people who have already had payouts for injuries or sickness. Also the level of cover involved if its to just pay some of the costs, full cost or even pay you while you are in hospital for lost earnings regardless if your working. The only problem is due to the higher risks of injury in a country like the Philippines insurance often doesn’t come cheap which is why you need to assess which company is best for your insurance needs as an expat in a foreign country.