Where to get an ultrasound in Cebu, Philippines

health diagnosticsThis is one of those things a lot of people don’t realise exists. You go to your doctor and they tell you where to go why? because the hospital rates are around P1200+ for an ultrasound. Your an outpatient that isn’t their decision and they are told by people in charge of the hospital to keep everything in house. In reality “Healthworks” in the photo which is based at Gaisano Fiesta Mall in Tabunok is only P600 for the same service. Doesn’t sound a lot but due to there being a high rate of medical problems during pregnancy in the Philippines means there is more likely to be a need for regular checkups. I go with April regular to this one and we find the doctor competent as well as the printouts can and should be taken to your regular doctor. You will find places like this scattered around the malls and generally the doctors come from the other clinics and hospitals anyway your just getting the same service just a lot cheaper.