Where to buy a Generators and RCD’s in the Philippines – Gingoog Electric Trading (G.E.T.) ™


 One of the big issues you hear from Expats is the quality of equipment as well as a lot of things being sold as new when its actually second hand and just re-sprayed. I came across Ralf Wabersich on Facebook as we cross referenced with a few friends but he owns Gingoog Electric Trading (G.E.T.) and is a friendly guy they seem to mainly deal in ABB electrical equipment as well as refrigeration and generators. What I would advise is dropping by for a look especially if your looking for a Generator, RCD’s etc as well as drop Ralf an email as he should be able to sort you out with the right gear for the job. They are based in Gingoog city but can no doubt accommodate sending equipment to you.

Why am I advertising the company? firstly because when I asked Ralf about helping another Expat with his generator size he helped as well as the equipment he is selling is all branded stock which I have seen and used before in the UK. Mainly on commercial chillers and cooling equipment. The final reason is the above two reasons are things I cannot find generally in Cebu as I am tired of looking around trying to source things I do need and cannot find where Ralf stocks several of the things I need which no doubt other expats are looking for as well..