Where should I live in the Philippines in the province or in the city?

Its all down to what you want out of life and what you are doing. Provincial living throws up the real Philippines with its beaches, cheap fruit, vegetables and meat. A simple life and a lot of green countryside. Its a slower pace of life with less bustle of cars and more the odd noise from a carabao (water buffalo) in a field. But there is also the Barangay fiesta noise that because its more open space you can hear the fiesta’s going on at different times of months as well as parties. Videoke and large speakers are part of the provincial life I could live without at 3am but something that isn’t happening everyday. Rents are very cheap and the more simple the living the cheaper it gets. Also employing people to do work is very cheap so tending to the garden or getting your laundry hand washed are luxuries that are everyday life here.

City life on the other hand throws up a huge selection of restaurants, night life and expensive electric bills. Power cuts happen a lot more frequent than they should and generally the roads are a lot more dusty and polluted than they should be. Its easy access to the airport and rents seem to start at around P8,000 upwards for a simple apartment. You do have all the stores and the condo living but besides that unless you need to work in the city or like hanging around with expats in the area there isn’t really anything that would make me want to stay in the City.

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  1. Shelton86
    July 3, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    I kind of agree with you that living in the province wouldn't cost you so much. But, once you've been living in the city for most of your life, you really need to adjust with the kind of setting a province has. I've been living in the city all my life but I visit our province once or twice a year and it feels good though. There is no quieter place than living in a province. I live in Davao City and it's like a city and a province rolled into one. A very livable city, rather cheap and a really safe place to be at compared to the rest of the cities in the Philippines. Whatever you decide, make sure your decision makes you happy. That's the most important thing. =)