Where is Matt?

we dont know where he is

Its been an odd week in the fact I needed to take time off not out of choice but been pretty ill. In fact 4 days pretty much disappeared with sleep. Not sure what caused it but initially was a sense of vomiting, stomach pains, cramps diarrhea and sweats. Followed by kidney pains for the last 3 days as well as dizzy spells and if I nap for an hour 4 disappear. Nothing to do with the decision about moving to the UK by the way. What has been difficult is responding to the interest as I do keep the laptop at the end of the bed but sometimes means writing half an email, sleeping before continuing on later as doing it in one go has been painful from the various things going on with my body lately.

No doubt nothing serious long term but not sure where it came from and its left me just about recovering now except still needing to rest from time to time and a jab in the kidneys with sharp pain every now and again.

So for those who had thought I was giving up on TP and stopping to write as the interest is now on the UK don’t worry still going to continue in the way things have done up until now. The visa processing is going to take months and I won’t be going anywhere until Ewe’s birthday party is done and dusted. Its odd these days as in the UK my priorities were always work, the guy working the long hours and on 24 hour call was normally me on request rather than what many others would do which is try and get out of it. These days work is just as important at the same time separating work from home life is more important. Being able to switch things off and just talk with the wife over dinner rather than going through things at the desk are a trend that is going to continue. If anything should increase productivity by having a break every now and then.

Right now my priority is patching up the scooter to make it reliable enough for a long trip as although I had banked P30,000 for my new motorbike and was tempted to buy it this month that money is now going towards the UK plane ticket to get my butt back to work and earning some real money. To be honest looking forward to it as I know its the foundations of a new beginning for the family.

But before I head off to rainy UK I want to fill in some of my gaps about Cebu as well as other places which may see a flutter of activity as I try to visit a lot of places in a short period of time. If your interested in writing for TropicalPenpals.com or even just want to share your photos your welcome to do so, just email me I don’t bite.