Where Is Cebu?

Seems a bit of an odd question but in reality many people don’t know where the Philippines is never mind Cebu island or Cebu city. With the rise of the internet I remember before I moved to Cebu,Philippines myself the number of people I met that lived within Cebu was high yet it was a part of the world I had never even thought of before.

So when looking that the world like below the “you are here” arrow is the Philippines :-

philippines map

A collection of over 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines. Doesn’t help much when deciding where is Cebu mind which is why I have also added the map to its side that has all the main locations within the Philippines. So you now know where is Cebu but more importantly can get an idea of how to get here if wanting to visit or travel to Cebu,Philippines. I have lived here for 4 years now and love it here. Where is Cebu was one of the first questions I had asked myself when I met my wife as we had met by accident online. I had no interest in coming to the Philippines never mind living here but it shows how quickly things can change and now adapting to life here full-time. I would recommend at least visiting Cebu once and if looking to move or retire here to spend time on different islands as things vary considerably depending where you are. Cebu is Queen of the south or its other main reference the Philippines tourism capital, but the country holds so many other things to see that just coming to Cebu your literally only a dip in the ocean compared to what else is on offer.