Where Does All The Best Food Hide In Cebu,Philippines?

Baked Organic Tomatoes from KPAF:Katunggan Permaculture Adventure Farm, Carcar, Cebu

There is a problem when visiting or living in the Philippines that Filipinos don’t pass on information in fact many companies don’t even bother to advertise or market. A real estate agent for example will say “Matt can you bring 4 of your friends to the condo’s I have for sale?” Yet when I reply do a free article for my blog and I will put it online for you they will never do it.

In reality this goes through many things and food is one, organic food is everywhere in the Philippines as well as good meat and other products the issue is nobody is telling you about it. I came across the photo on the left at adventures in sustainability and the best people that seem to promote organic food in the Philippines is neither the farms or the colleges/universities or even supermarkets its Bloggers sharing information on things they find and eat. This culinary delight “Baked Organic Tomatoes from KPAF:Katunggan Permaculture Adventure Farm, Carcar, Cebu” you can tell is tasty and juicy. A lot of the food you will find around the supermarkets though don’t come near as they seem to be buying the stuff unfit for other countries. Ok doesn’t meet other countries standards but why are we paying a premium price? Organics may be a little bit more expensive but in reality the quality far out strips the stuff that we wouldn’t even find in a European supermarket due to its low quality yet find in supermarkets all over the Philippines.

Spend a bit of time searching online for good organic food in the Philippines but even more importantly SHARE the information! I would like to thank ednalee for putting the tomatoes online. But we really do need to be sharing everything we locate in the Philippines as a “good food guide” as its not just for us but also for the general health of the population. It may not be as much as a thing as in the West at the moment but if anything the natural way of farming in the Philippines probably makes it more viable than intensive farming with fertilizers etc. which are controlled by companies like San Miguel who demand high prices.