When is it time to go green?

As the talks go on in Copenhagen and to be honest I think its nothing more than another pile of bull that is going to take money from tax payers and not actually do anything constructive. Sound a bit harsh? I’m looking it from the perspective of throwing Billions of cash into countries that are riddled with corruption that already receive Aid and the scandals that go with them and now we are giving more on something else? We are struggling in all countries to keep governments traceable with tax payers money and its just about to get worse. How can we save money in a sensible way as its easy to say others are wrong right?

Firstly we need to look at restructuring the way in which many of us travel and work encouraging more home working and if giving companies penalties for not meeting targets why not aswell bonuses for those that are beating them?

Reduction in consumer buying as we pretty much live in the West to excess then preach to everyone else. A car if the figure stands true is built for 11 years so why is it most people change in 3-5 which I was one of these culprits previously but I have realised that the fuel economy that is sold to us as the reason for buying a car isn’t a real figure unless your doing a lot of miles. An eight year old car is already manufactured and running it may not be as reliable but generally are easy to fix at home (yourself!) than a new car which needs to go into a garage just to have the service light switched off and also has a high Co2 count when it comes to manufacturing costs. So in theory an eight year old car that you can use for several years until it fails its M.O.T. for £900 will have a fuel economy roughly around 35mpg over a new car that will cost £5,000+ which has expensive repair parts and servicing aswell as an average fuel efficiency. I know which I go for. Reality bites but its pretty much time to abandon the consumerism way of life and replace it with the ability to save and buy what we need. Moving the UK away from debit and into credit.

There is also the fact of the hidden and new technologies which are being either suppressed or ignored. Things like the sea water farming which has been working in Mexico for over 20 years proving it works and with high yield crops aswell as the ability to reduce Co2 and rising seawater levels if expanded to worldwide developments. Literally the ability to turn deserts green. With also one other major factor of creating employment in some of the poorest countries in the world which the question from me is why it isn’t rolling out elsewhere?

So am I an environmentalist? To be honest I have given up on politics and the media as it has become such a circus of useless information and I have never been a tree hugger. My sustainability is about the future of my family and the people around me. There is profit in it but the way governments are handling it all I can hear is a gravy train pulling into the E.U. station as they discuss the top jobs for politicians and contracts for associated friends. The reason I am reacting now is simply we are seeing a huge change in the way of life for the average human. Poorer countries are seeing price hikes on rice and other food resources which are the difference of life and death for many. But for the West its an increase on rice we don’t notice to much due to it not being our main diet. We notice the fuel hike though right due to the issue of supply and demand? Which is really just controlled by the oil industry that can move it up or down ok its not an endless resource but they can increase supply if needed but fix the number of barrels.

Only real way forward is looking to make yourself more self sufficient for the future. Like I have stated before in the Philippines if retiring here you should build at least ventures that match a profit of 30% of your total pension as a buffer zone if things go wrong (Like the collapse of the Dollar or Sterling). Its not as difficult as it seems there is lots of opportunities out there by changing habits. E.g. a rice field in the Philippines should also have ducks and fish in there to increase the profit margin. Squeeze as much money out of every square metre as possible and start to build part of your diet round things you can grow yourself where possible. I’m preparing for the changes that are going to cripple the UK for a long time to come and a lot of the hardship should have been prevented if Politicians hadn’t looked after themselves and done the job they were put in power to do. They were elected as a servant of the people and its about time they acted like it.

So I’m wondering what to do next as I have lots of ideas but sustainable projects are all new to me so I think its something that’s going to involve a lot of networking up for the next year to make a lot of things possible. But either way all I see coming out of Copenhagen is a bunch of politicians with more of my money and a lot of fake promises.