What’s up with some attitudes.

I’ve spent a lot of time meeting expats and will say hi if I come across any but to be honest im a bit concerned with a lot of people’s attitudes towards Filipinos and Filipina’s. Its beginning to gripe me more than most things quite simply because they see most women here as sex objects and/or second to themselves. I don’t appreciate it and even if many of the girls they are dating are uneducated in comparison to Western standards and to be honest you! should know better because you have had the opportunity to learn where they haven’t. If you see Filipina’s as money grabbing, house stealing, bank account emptying or anything else which has to make you setup a corporation to own a house or hide your money. Then the question I would ask you is why do you even come here? You give a bad reflection on Westerners and disrespect the people of the Philippines. I married my wife because we love each other and we are both happy. I don’t need advice from people with sour grapes.. I don’t mean to offend people but I just don’t want to hear it comparing relationships with what I have with my wife. We are happy and will stay that way, I just wish you luck and maybe lighten up. Treat your partner with respect you will probably get it in return.