What would be the cost for cleaning services in Cebu, Philippines?

There are various agencies that do cleaning services but generally the cheapest and best way to do it is to ask your neighbours. They will no doubt have someone already and doing it this way should work out cheaper as there wont be agent fees. We pay P250 for a whole day of laundry services so if living on your own for the same P250 you can no doubt have your apartment cleaned. I recommend not having live in as most people I know have had some kind of problems of theft. But if you find someone good why not, we have a live in Yaya for our daughter and we have never had any problems with her or the previous Yaya. But I have known other people talk of skimming where small amounts of money disappear or food. As when at work and the house is unattended its when your more likely to be at risk of things being stolen.

For agencies you can search the local advertisements in things like Cebu Classifieds, istorya or Sulit. There are also advertisements often in the local newspapers.