What to do with a custom multi-cab chassis

Recently I have been looking at the multi-cab we have sat outside. It developed an electrical fault that I haven’t got round to fixing yet and then when your looking at it you start wondering what if.. I have had it off the road for over a year now and only been offered P30k for it, paid cash so the money isn’t important but I am tempted to do something fun with it such as the vehicle above. Wouldn’t take much panel work and we have the guys to do it here in Minglanilla as well as some very good custom spray guys to give it some interesting artwork.

Why do it? several reasons the first one to keep me busy and I would be interested in learning the metal work as well as doing the fitting out internally as a day camper. Every time we go to a beach we end up sitting in a bamboo hut often already populated with ants and too hot.. So why not have an aircon camper van with small cooking facilities or at least a table layout with a flask for tea. May seem a bit of an odd thing to be doing but lets be honest here nothing better than stopping somewhere to relax for an hour instead of going resort to resort when travelling around. Having something that can either accommodate overnight or just for the afternoon out with the family seems a great option. Will have a look into the conversion later in the year as currently we seem to be hit with rain none stop for the last month or so.



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  1. Jakinthebox
    April 10, 2011 at 7:25 am

    Cool idea would love one of these for touring