What to do in Cebu

One thing ive found many expats suffering with in Cebu is severe bordem. You can only drink so much brandy and tequila and the San Miguel Lights bottles seem to have disappeared my side of town. So what do you do with all your time you have spare?  Simple answer depends what you are into many expats get preoccupied with construction especially lately with some of my friends who have projects ongoing. But to be honest the one thing that is important is meeting others with the same views and interests in life as although things are cheap here you may start being hit in the wallet when you are doing it with only two of you. For example a boat cruise where the above picture was taken was for 20 people on a private charter which could accommodate 40 people. But at 20 people worked out at £3.00 each for the whole day of the boat. As you can see the island was very beautiful and makes you realise what you miss as an individual or a couple with some things getting out of budget range.

Cebu beach photo by Matt Wilkie Matt Wilkie - Cebu beach photo

So where do you meet people who have similar interests in Cebu? Well you are already taking the first steps by being here online. The next would be to look at what you want to be doing is it diving? Running? Touring the country or something more relaxing like mat bowling or cards? There are groups throughout Cebu doing all the above and all happy to be gaining new members. Hash house harriers at www.cebuhash.org would be happy to meet you drop them an email if you like your running,jogging and for those as fit as me a brisk walk. The others i can give you contacts for people doing each but generally they’re not setup on the internet. It’s a case of a friend of a friend and you have just met someone who can act as a go between for you. There are plenty of expats here in Cebu and who would be glad of your company.