What makes TropicalPenpals.com different?

Its an NGO thing about none profit but its generally bull.. as they are looking to create salaries and expenses.. TropicalPenpals.com on the other hand is really none profit as it generally involves me adding funds to keep it afloat annually. What also makes it different is its “life experiences”. If you see a bland post about a restaurant or bar etc. its because we haven’t been there recently or haven’t visited. We add these things purely because Cebu is our hub and we want to inform the general public of their availability and services if you have negative or possitive feedback we request and encourage you to add it to the posts that these articles and places are part of. The way I see it as the general public we are either part of the problem or part of the solution. TropicalPenpals at many points may annoy establishments or companies at the same time it should be asking the questions we are why are things like this? instead of attacking TP. We are pro-active in being part of the solution more than the problem as its easy to attack companies but we really want them to listen so we can fix many of the issues that people find! we don’t operate on a profit or fund basis as generally we are a site that invites others to write or you will hear on the experiences of Matt and April.. at no point do we attack a company or establishment without first knowledge. Generally any business we promote we have been there ourselves at least several times..