What makes Matt different to other bloggers?

I  have had people threaten to kill me politically and online and what they have missed is that I don’t care. My concerns is truth and the safety of my family. My wife and children are neither involved or instigated in my thoughts or beliefs..harm them and you won’t even understand how much harm I will bring to you.. as politically or any other I directly attack the person involved not any “sideline” and I expect the same respect.. families and wives should be left to the sideline.. take on that battle I would rather die than see harm brought to my wife or children.. At the same time I would hope you understand respect is done to ability and earned through understanding to see anything i do is for the advantage of the majority not for the singularity community. If it benefits the masses no doubt it benefits the wealthy down the line somewhere else as well! its worth remembering.. I mean no harm at the same time I will fight for the underdog in the hope I can create change.

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  1. Tomdean34
    August 22, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    Matt, this is exactly why I avoid most expats in the Philippines. There seems to be something in the makeup of these guys that make them instantl “experts” on everything. Funy thing is they can fool themselves and the other fools that buy into their nonsense. If they are threatening you, then they are bullies. Pure cowards that must resort to threats to think that they will get their way, or somehow coerce you into changing to suit their desires. Why anyone needs to control another is beyond me. Maybe that is why they chose the Philippines, so they can control their wives or girlfriends (or so they think) and it spills over to anyone that gets in their way.
    I can almost bet that if you confronted them for real, and called them on their threats, they would turn tail and run for their very lives. Most people that can’t deal with everyday situations resort to some other methods, and one of those is violence or threats of violence. It is the cowards way to deal with something they think can’t be solved any other way, or they can’t think beyond the threats.
    If anyone threatens your family then I agree, all bets are off, and let the party get started. They will soon learn that threatening innocent family members has its own perils. How low can someone go to attack a person that cannot defend themselves. Again, I am beginning to recognize the various players in Cebu, and have determined most are wannabes and all bark and no bite.
    Best of luck to you and keep fighting the battle for truth and justice. You will win out every time.

  2. Anonymous
    August 24, 2010 at 8:59 am

    I agree with Tom. A lot of the expats i have met here are just simply a pain in the ass,and sometimes complete psycho,s.