What makes an Expat happy

For the Philippines many will say its the girls but for me its my daughters. Its difficult being apart from Nicole who lives in the UK with her mother. But with me and April we have Zoei here and a son on the way. What I love is the fact it doesn’t matter how busy or stressed out you can be is that Zoei just has to see me passing a window and a big smile breaks out and trying to get to me regardless if it means climbing over the TV or a few boxes. Kids are what is important in anyone’s life it brings happiness even in the darkest days and sometimes I sit stressed out a few hugs and smiles later your worries are carried away. It is why we are here or at least why I am here the future of the family not only here in the Philippines but also Nicole abroad is paramount to our happiness as I don’t want our kids to have to work as hard as we have to get where we are going. Life isn’t always easy but at the same time I want to be able to give our kids a future and the ability to know we are here for them and behind them 110% of the way to where they want to be. A lot of people never get to telling their kids about how they feel and to be honest that is pretty sad as its something all kids need to know and feel even if its a little pat on the back. I just wish Nicole back in the UK took more photos and videos for me as I am so proud of how she is turning out and love her so much. Zoei is also a fantastic daughter and I have been blessed with so much happiness. Looking forward to our new arrival in a few months..