What Makes A Filipino Woman Better Than Most?

Ewe and April

This is a conversation I had with someone a while back who shall remain nameless because if his wife knew how much he praised her to me he would never here the end of it. You see its something we were both discussing as many guys here do stupid mistakes or meet the wrong woman in the Philippines. For me my wife couldn’t be any better in my friends terminology he said “if you meet a good Filipino woman they make the best wives in the world”. There is a spark within nearly every woman I know here that I find doesn’t exist in Western women. Its difficult to explain as no doubt I will get 101 emails of the bad women people met but they forget about the number of happily married families that exist.

An example of a difference is family orientation that in many parts of Western society has been forgotten, most women seem to want to marry and settle down. They want to be the housewife and mother with the husband being the breadwinner. But also as I found out with that where in the UK I would generally do everything myself including cooking most of my meals as my ex partner couldn’t cook my wife would not only kick me out of the kitchen my shoes would be polished and my clothes ironed for work.

I can feel the feminists getting irritated by this article but the odd thing is so be it, its not just about the home making that makes Filipino women better than many others maybe others would like to add their piece in the comment system below. Because I know personally that my wife April pretty much couldn’t do much more than she already does. But being content with many wives is also a big difference in my opinion as my wife doesn’t want or need a big house or a new car Aprils happy the way we are today with a second hand jeep and a crappy scooter. Eventually we will have a different home with a unique design at the same time the living will still be minimalistic because we are content living that way.

Happiness is more important than anything and generally I find Filipino women are rarely without a smile and playful attitude.