What makes a filipina?

Now if you believe what a lot of people write they can be someone who has nothing better to do than take you for every penny youve got they may even kill you for it. Have a boyfriend in the background, scammers. The thing is there are countless things written that put filipinas in a bad light. But the truth is very different.

Filipinas for a start are “human beings” there is no such thing as A filipina except in nationality terms. Most of the women ive met on my travels who are filipina are well educated, pleasant and although many are looking for a foreign husband they arent in most cases in a rush. Why are they looking for a foreign husband? Well there are several reasons firstly they believe that a foreign husband is less likely to play the field, they are generally commited to theyre wife and will take good care of her. There is also the financial stability which will play a part to this. But i doubt any of these woman want anything more than being a good wife to a good husband. My wife was one of these girls at the time we met we were both in relationships and getting together wasnt something we originally planned. But we hit it off as close friends from day one and it stayed that way until we eventually became an item. My wifes goals in life are mainly family orintated and one thing is for sure our marriage is for life.

The biggest problems that all filipinas find in marrying or dating a foreigner is the misconception by others and pressure from family. Near the beginning of all the relationships im aware of people have run into trouble with family members. Could be an aunt or a parent sometimes siblings. But whatever happens they are planning to cash in on the foreigner (you!). Which is where i set a bait early on in our marriage. I wanted to see where peoples loyalty was. I was aware that everyone i know has had similar problems and one of the big issues is the fact that your wife may not tell you disputes within the family because its seen as a “family issue between brothers and sisters etc”. So things maybe rosie but for how long? Well for me i set a budget of P500k which seems a lot for most people but this is my life and i knew i could trust April i just wasnt sure who else at the time as everyone seemed nice but there were minor things i noticed which made me wonder. So i began small we built the house and i was looking at investing in each of the family businesses to try and help them develop. If i was robbed by some of the members so be it i had already written off the money. But low and behold within a short time interference started from an Aunt. She wouldnt let us help the sari-sari store as “she wanted control of everything that was sold there”. Which ok thats fine but not with my money. Then the “rent” from our house started to help upgrade the main house (ok well doesnt sound much at £50 a month. But we already paid all the water and electric bills for the main house and our house combined. We have moved and our bills have dropped from around £90 a month to £40 but weve lost our house). So within a short space of time the green necks showed with envy and greed and a couple of the aunts turned on us. Then we run a business with Aprils parents so the next thing was an attack on Aprils parents from Aprils mothers siblings. Where will it end?? Well simply we pull the plug because the loyalty is with the small unit that is now me, April, Zoei our daugher, Aprils sister and Aprils parents. Im not prepared to make the same mistakes again and all this was caused over £1000 worth of house.

Some people get caught up in this sort of mess and assume its the wife pulling the strings but generally its not. Which is why i advise if your in a serious relationship pull your wife or girlfriend from the compound or family home and rent a seperate apartment. This gives your partner more control over her life and less stress. The way of life in the Philippines is complicated and although the family unit is still important where elders are in control, it doesnt always mean for the good of everyone. If your partner is in her own place the out of sight out of mind approach works quite well.

Filipinas can make great wifes aswell as bad. All i can say on this subject is dont get caught up in the beauty of young filipinas. Women in theyre late 20s upwards are likely to be well educated, can cook know how to take care of children and content with having a good husband. Not just filipinas but women in general. But April was the woman for me filipina or not we are matched pair. If your a guy 50+ and dating an 18 – 24 year old woman please be aware of what you would have been doing at those age groups. You are likely to have been playing the field, still finishing your education, eating junk food for a lot of your meals, living off your parents maybe? So whats your marriage going to be like? Ok the sex may be great and she maybe beautiful but if you asked me and April what we like most of the things we enjoy we have in common. We both love cooking, reading, travel and most importantly doing things together.

Im unlikely to help you find a wife but you need to sit and think what it is you want in a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Ive never dated a beautiful woman for her looks. Ive dated a woman on personality and interests im just lucky they have been beautiful. Most women ive came across in the Philippines are hard working, keen and happy. Even when life is crap you will always get a smile thats what makes a filipina a filipina. They have a glowing personality even in hardship. Aswell as natural beauty.