What Jobs Are Available To Foreigners/Expats In The Philippines?

If your pinning your hopes on coming to the Philippines and bumming around for a job its not going to happen unless your extremely lucky. Learning to teach English as a second language is worth doing in advance but I would also say head to South Korea as it gives better pay and conditions and so do other Asian countries. The Philippines is insular and often negative when it comes to giving work to foreigners especially if not married to someone local.

So what jobs are available to foreigners/expats in the Philippines? in reality depends on your ability and also if your already working for an international country that operates here. Most other things you will struggle to get through the door and even if you did you would struggle on the salary.

How about me how do I make a living? I have never applied for a job in the Philippines at the same time knowing I can make more money online in less hours as well as having multiple cash streams constantly making regular incomes. In reality you need to adapt to the surroundings now before you even arrive here to find ways to make the money you need to support yourself and possibly a family.

How do you do that? first thing is learning to live without, in the Philippines luxury goods are many things we take for granted in the West but here they are heavily taxed which is why adapting often means “learning to do without”. A car in the West is needed in most situations but here its mainly public transport and its often faster due to the hassles of parking, can save a considerable amount by not having a vehicle and if you do need one going for economics over looks such as a cheap motorcycle.

There are lots of people making real money off the internet and you can be one too. First thing is in the Philippines is your overheads can be stupidly cheap if your extremely tight then develop as your budget does. Cheapest house I have seen was P1,500 a month did everything that was needed although for many foreigners they couldn’t cope with that style of living but this is the thing most people don’t understand, money is king in the Philippines but ego’s often stand proud of that. Reducing your expenditure considerably and reinvesting,utilizing all the money you have spare into other projects you can find your not only moving forward but starting to see a financial growth each month.

Why is growth important? Financial growth is more important in the Philippines currently than it has been for any other time due to the financial crisis abroad and rising inflation in the Philippines. You need to be raising at least 18% higher a year to even stand still which talking here sounds difficult but I have already done it and its not easy,its no quick fix but its possible.

Job wise as an expat if you can’t fit into finding an income in the Philippines by doing your own thing you have a few options :-

  • teach English (mainly to Koreans)
  • Call Centre work
  • Befriend expats with businesses who may throw you a line
  • Work Online for outsourcing companies

Beyond that your going to find salaries too low to live on unless you can find another way to support yourself which you should be doing now before you arrive as What Jobs Are Available To Foreigners/Expats In The Philippines are few and far between.

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  1. carl
    January 5, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    we are currently looking to hire 3 expats (american-canadian accents) in our Angeles City Pampanga office…..contact us for more info! Full time , salary + commissions…..carl@dopplerinternet.com