What is wrong with the Philippines? – A reply to a post I wrote on a forum

The problem is most people think within borders.. most problems are international and more to do with banks and shady trade deals than anything else. What is wrong with the Philippines is a lot of corruption the same as every other country its just more obvious in the Philippines. Infrastructure projects such as the Marcos Bataan powerplant which was a project that was not only exploited locally on its construction costs but also internationally by the World Bank. The same can be said for AID and military contracts, dont people find it a bit odd how countries give Aid with one hand to a developing nation and at the same time sell them arms?? Reason being its a transfer of funding from e.g. a Country like the U.S. to a private U.S. Company the same is done by the U.K., France and anyone else trading. It also doesnt have to be poor countries but just someone who can guarantee contract transfers. Its partly why I am anti-charity except for those that can be seen transparently which are very few at best. Which is why I advise direct intervention if anything. As corruption and illegal trading is fuelled partly by Aid funding. When you watched the problems in Ethiopia remember the rice in the markets that had been taken by rebels/government forces and then put for sale? So what do we do not only do we provide the rice that is then stolen we then re-buy it from rebel/government forces which then keeps the cycle of war,corruption and poverty going.. The U.N. in my personal opinion should either be restructured or disbanded. Its a bloated organisation riddled with corruption in essence the organisation of any organisation that has political or financial gains are all pretty much corrupt in some form.

Why are a lot of Filipinos disinterested by politics? Its not because they are lazy or uneducated but there is a strong feeling things wont change. The same as in the UK with the rumblings still going on of the expenses scandal because at the end of the day even if politicians are thrown out for corruption they will be given a job by "association" you never see a poor politician and its all to do with networking and keeping "favours" for a rainy day.

What do I think the solution is for the UK or the Philippines ? (cant say any other country as im not part of them). To be honest being more self sufficent we reside in a world that likes to control us financially. When I say financially I mean like the Oil crisis, the food crisis, Gas/electric Crisis. They are the fundamentals of existence in todays societies and are being exploited by those who control them. The first thing the UK goverment done was throw billions of my pounds into schemes that will no doubt under perform, fail or need at least double its projected investment. Why? Because its supposed to be that way to keep us in debt and exploit the tax payers the same as every nation. But in reality we are generally excessive anyway in what we have/think we need. For example I stopped buying new cars so that I could save the £6,000 I was paying in tax every two years for the new vehicle. Buying a 3 – 5 year old vehicle was/is just as reliable and having for a year then selling you are no doubt not going to carry out any repairs and take a very small loss in the reduction of its value. In the UK its estimated we throw 30% of our food away which is a "FACT" but no doubt what isnt meantioned is the sell by or use by dates on food are "recommended" and not the real dates that should be on them as we are a consumer society. I changed my way of living a few years back after leaving my ex and found that changing how we look at things actually saved me around $3000 a month without even trying.

Politics wont change but how we exist in our local environment is something we can control and being more self sufficent and helping others do the same will naturally enrich a local area. Financially, Community wise and environmental. As I have found a lot of the issues in my own neighbourhood are educational problems not ignorance and its important we dont become ignorant ourselves to that fact.

As regards Government jobs there is something people should know about the UK and its bloated Government workers that infact 50% of Scotlands and Wales local population work for the Government. When the labour government got elected (who keep increasing this number) they promised pay rises etc. to its "voters" which are generally Government workers and it gave them pay rises. Now my question would be this if you take half a population and give it a pay rise doesnt this contribute drastically to inflation which in turn devalues the amount given as well as affect the majority of the population?

Any country that wants to develop needs to develop small businesses which in the UK have had a rough ride for decades which is why so few prosper. But the small businesses are your group corporations of the future, Micro research and development companies, think tanks in reality the businesses of the future.

I may seem to have gone off topic bringing in the UK but the truth of the matter is both countries have very similar problems.