What is the healthcare like in the Philippines?

Well to be honest it varies. I haven’t seen any air ambulances which I would have expected in a country with so many islands. But I have seen military helicopters used to transport people on very rare occasions (such as the Iranian bus crash). Truth of the matter is depending where you live depends on the quality of hospital and services. The more provincial you got the more likely your going to need to head to a major city in an emergency.

Now if we are talking Manila or Cebu then there are plenty of half decent hospitals and the medical costs aren’t going to rob you blind. Prime example is a friend recently having to go under emergency surgery for his appendix which cost P80,000 including the medical care and accommodation involved upto him getting home. Having a child here for labour seems to be around P22,000+ in Cebu and if a C section is required around P50,000 be warned I wouldn’t trust a doctors opinion first time round as a system that is built on monetary income is corruptible and in some cases misdiagnosis has happened with some friends although they seeked a second opinion which solved the problem. The consultations are round P250 for a doctor and a bit more expensive for some specialists. For medicines its generally better to buy from the pharmacy and be aware of doctors trying to sell vitamins as necessary medicines at inflated prices. Personally I think vitamins have very little use and a balanced diet is better than an empty wallet.