what is rich in the Philippines?

It is something i noticed a while back but doesn’t just feed from racism but also social status amongst people. A lot of people who assume they have better status than me really don’t understand the basis of why i drive a cheap vehicle and live in a one bedroom house. The reasons behind the cheap vehicle is that nobody wants to steal it. I can park it in a remote area and come back it will still be there, kids don’t pester you for money in it because its not all shiny and new. The amount of people driving SUV’s here and clueless on how to park the thing is also a reason as our multicab has had at least 7 collisions will parked in a car park. Dread to think a vehicle costing P45,000 instead of half a million. Lets also remember the majority of vehicles are surplus which is another reason i wouldn’t buy something that in the UK i would be sending to the scrap merchant because it wasn’t roadworthy. The one bedroom house is another thing as its down to location, its next to Aprils parents which means when i am working in the UK there is always someone around to help April with the kids as well as not leaving April stuck remotely to everyone which would involve her having to take a bus ride or taxi just to meet up with friends. Why one bedroom though? well originally there was only two of us with Zoei on the way when we moved here we have also been looking for a lot in the area we want for over a year now. It all comes down to what is available and where. If you know Minglanilla you would know there are sub-divisions here but tightly packed and overpriced. Buying a 40sqm house in a Sub division would give me around 400sqm of land with the same money nearby. Now status wise there is arrogance where people assume they are higher than you which i find a bit bizarre. They don’t know you very well and really only judge you on visual status. Wonder how the same guy below would get orichard-branson-by-virgin-comn :-   richard-branson-virgin-trains

Richard Branson the guy in the photos is a British Billionaire who owns the Virgin group. Its amazing how much judging someone on face value can be the complete opposite of the truth. The first photo is one of a cameo role he took in TV advertisements for his Virgin Trains group which is why he is in character. But the same thoughts of seeing him shine through to if you met someone  here in the Philippines or anywhere else. A lot of the richest people i know generally don’t wear suits and don’t stand out because they don’t want to. They spend most of their daily life heavily bogged down with business and generally want to be themselves away from the office. A prime example of that is a friend who owns an exhibition company as he will often be loading up and unloading vehicles if time is running against them. Even drives the trucks upto the NEC (Exhibition hall in Birmingham UK). But on a weekend you will catch him out in his Ferrari one of his collection of cars he has accumulated over the years. Not my thing as i generally see cars going from A to B nothing more unless i can stick it round a track. What’s the point of having a car that has a top speed over over 170mph and high fuel consumption on roads that generally are congested and max out at 70mph? My UK hobby when i get time is actually flying out at an airfield not far from my parents place here would advise booking a day if you haven’t flown before they do plane and helicopter lessons. Its a strange release of freedom flying a bit hard to explain unless you have done it. Just try it at least once..

Now i have been grumbling on for about an hour i sort of lost my place but the point of the article is that a lot of Filipino’s base things on visual status which is wrong i don’t came to be a hidden millionaire at the same time i do find a lot of Expats get a higher status because of just being a foreigner as well which is all fake driving around in a second hand Pejaro and living in a P3m+ house isn’t a sign of wealth in Western terms a factory worker could have done that over a period of around 10 years. So assuming that they have higher status is just not normal to me.. as its a sign of wealth but not sustainable wealth.

Am i getting arrogant on the wealth? no its just i can’t get my head round why it matters. We all have to put food on the table and a roof over our heads does it matter that someone eats with a silver spoon? I think the TV has a lot to do with it aswell as celebrities like to show off excessive wealth like Willie from Wowowee who has pretty much played into an audience that doesn’t like him hands by stating he would do something he currently doesn’t want to do in a tampo moment. Excessive wealth example.. Wiltowers and Mall. Its not really an issue if people don’t like me either as generally someone who can dismiss on assumed status isn’t worth the time of day as fair weather friends are easy to find. But it does bother me how some of them treat their fellow country people as when they are up they are quick to show what they have to those less fortunate. Prime example is someone i know who is struggling to fight off bankruptcy yet his wife is still busy parading not only things are well but still spend spend spend and publically writing about it

4 comments for “what is rich in the Philippines?

  1. Tropicalpenpals
    June 19, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    Similar lifestyles.. I do have nice shirts, trousers etc.. its just too hot to wear here and im not going anywhere i need it. I can't understand why people are hung up on the money thing though as its irrelevant to what we get upto. If you show too much your boastful hide it all your poor lol..

  2. John Hall
    June 19, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    Good example. I walk around Boracay in boxers almost everywhere I go. I live in a one bedroom house not on the beach but 3 to 5 minutes away. I am 25 and people look at me as a young foreigner that have much compared to other foreigners especially because of the boxers:P. I earn between 160,000-180,000 a month based on exchange rates and play video games lol.

  3. R Paraiso
    June 19, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    though evrywhere in the world,you could feel such “show-off” of wealth specially those “who struggle to get accreditations for what they materially posses” but in the Philippines it is more rampant than any where else!!! If I would go in the city with my rugged clothing, I have a bigger problem being a native filipino to go everywhere where I want to go in comparison with most foriegners (the opposite is true here in Europe). I would only be accepted by social gatherings if I where my best clothes (or more valuable, my clerical garments which I hate!)

  4. Tropicalpenpals
    June 21, 2010 at 1:49 am

    Its a strange world we live in. A lot of it can be blamed on consumerism and keeping up with neighbours and siblings. But to a point.. The rest seems to have become an obsession generally i have no interest in over doing things or being seen to either as i find it vulgar the same as touting wealth at people who cannot afford such luxuries. Your right it does happen everywhere else in the world and the current recession in Europe and the U.S. which are being paved as over and a success.. the debts still await paying as most people are riddled with debt.