What is Love ?

There is a saying “A 1000 scientists cant explain love but two people can show it”. The reason its two people is any two people can or will show love in a different way depending who the people are. It could be simply two lovers showing love and affection for each other but just as important is someone on a death bed making peace with their relation or friend before time runs out. There is no easy definition of love but the closest i would think it would be is a memory or thought of another that pulls at your heart strings either in happiness or for a time you wish they were still part of your life.

The world is full of enemies but there will always be a shortage of good friends or partners in life. You should treasure the people around you as they may not always be there and any enemies made over time reconcile, because you will never regain the time that you have been together or missed apart through disputes and you never know when the time is at an end.

I have spent a lot of my life wrapped up in work and only in the last year and a half have i awoken to the way really things should be. You entered this world with nothing and the only thing you will leave with is your memories and thoughts and even if there is not a next life and if in the future i passed away in moments of severe pain i will leave with a smile of thoughts of friends and family from around me and the happiness they bring.  Im just glad i woke up a lot younger than many others that get wrapped up on materialistic things in life, you can have a nice house, a new car and more money in the bank than you can spend. But who remembers who you once were? or even your birthdays… I once lived that life and although its seen as a dream to many to afford such the sacrifice just isnt worth it. Every now and then take thoughts on where you life is and where you want it to be.