What is it that allowed me to move to the Philippines full-time earlier than most?

Although very techy in gadgets we have things like the itouch, several laptops, cameras, camcorder etc. etc. everything has a function that we use. Even the TV’s we have which to others may seem madness having so many electronics but the itouch allows my wife to use Wifi when busy so organising her sales/orders on Facebook are easily done and within minutes. The laptops are used for stocks as well as things like the blog and media manipulation. The projector we have here is probably the only gadget that is near enough purely entertainment but even that is available for hire!

But what you won’t find is designer bags (unless we are selling them), designer clothing or even excess furniture simply because they don’t serve any real purpose in life. Now it doesn’t mean we don’t buy quality because lets face it one thing guaranteed with most branded products is that quality has declined due to China taking over the market place of literally everything. But I would ask why pay for a T shirt with a swish when you can buy 3 T shirts for less than half the price? There was a difference in quality before but its not there anymore you are literally paying for a logo of a company.

Maybe your in the supermarket in the UK thinking you need the super healthy meals but are they really healthy?  aren’t you better spending time in the kitchen yourself and not only producing better food but cheaper? maybe a bit of time in the garden producing a few fresh produce items yourself? What has happened to Western society is laziness has stepped in which may sound unfair as the British work the longest hours in Europe but in reality do we need to be doing so much work if we actually started to live properly? If we abandoned the expensive logo’s on clothing and other items and went for practical as well as demand high quality what would happen to these markets that are now dominated by China? would we start to see growth in home markets of the old producers that were fired by these greedy companies? Worcester Porcelain for example might as well be Beijing China as its quality these days definitely isn’t worth the money. No doubt the quality original stuff is going up in price as demand will rise at the same time I hope some of those artisans that worked at the factory for years start up in competition as they can offer quality over quantity.

But what if we then started to look at home produce, many of the houses in the UK were built with space for vegetable gardens. Im not talking of the latest houses but the thousands upon thousands of worker cottages/houses for such things are railway workers. If you own one of them you already have the space you just need to get back to basics with a shovel and spade.

These are reasons that separate those who have with those that haven’t as well as many of the solutions are off the grid. Your home produce obviously means your skipping a lot of the tax the more you produce for yourself the more you save. Dropping clothing labels should save you at least another 30% on your annual clothing bill even if you went for quality purely because quality items last longer yet seem to be getting harder to find..

Cars are a mad thing in the UK where people buy a brand new car to watch £3,000 disappear off its value as soon as they drive away. But I would ask what would you rather have a secondhand car and use the £3,000 to pay off your debts or towards something outside of the UK (avoiding tax!). For example you could buy a lot of land in the Philippines for £3,000 although would be in your partners name. At the same time you could invest it into something else that could give you a good return such as Zopa.com doesn’t lock you in for the next 5 years and will offer you a better investment than the banks ever will.

Remember “Banks are evil” every time you go into one enter with that mind set they are the worst people on the planet as far as I am concerned they want to riddle you with debt for life keeping you a slave to their needs and that’s how you should be looking at them as well. When someone offers you some glossy offer of a cheap loan etc. (with lots of hidden information) just remember they want to steal from you and make you a slave.. sounds mad but working that way your trust levels will do the rest. Never take what you cannot afford and try to avoid borrowing at all cost!

Going eco is a myth! madness in a lot of cases as they try to talk people into going solar energy or wind turbines etc. etc. in the UK want to know the real price of cheap energy? visit Alibaba.com you will find that we in the UK are ripped off on all energy saving equipment and if your serious about doing something it should be to petition for lower pricing and zero tax on the sale price. I have seen solar panels at 10% of the UK sale price on Alibaba.com people are scaremongering people into going green when the truth of the matter is the government and their chums are cashing in on it instead of assisting in doing something positive.

I know i sound a bit of a hippy with some of my statements above and going green is important but not at the current pricing levels! the solar panels will be worn out before they are paid for and who does this money go to?

You need to look at where every bit of your money is going and think do i need it, sky TV do you watch the sports channel regularly or would it be cheaper to actually go down the pub and have a meal as well cancelling that £50+ subscription?

Are you paying too much for your electricity,gas,internet,mobile phone get online and find out! swap the companies loyalty is something you don’t need to give to these companies.. I would say buy British but most of these companies are already sold thanks to the recession and the EU we have been sold out completely and its about time you done the same to them.

Eating habits, are you eating too many take-aways or pre-packed foods? spend a bit of time in the kitchen even better take it in turn with friends to cook different nights then its a social gathering as well as saves on food costs.

Question everything and never assume its always X or Y often places have promotions via other companies ask them if they are running any as you may find cheaper options. Booking fees I find unacceptable for things like cinemas so simply just turn up, to be honest anything that reduces FEES is a good thing as companies are banking on the fact your lazy. Remember the days when you got paid in cash and you got discount for buying in cash? The banks have worked hard in removing this from the system same as the VAT man. To hell with them I empty my bank on payday and I will try to haggle on most things, believe it or not many places still do offer discount for cash. You owe the banks nothing and you owe retailers even less if your money is no good don’t use them!

Ethics – People keep talking about the banks not lending to small businesses etc. etc. guess what they don’t care! HSBC is moving away from personal banking completely when it can and to be honest the way banks want to charge people to keep accounts open etc. much better to get a post office account and empty it every pay day. The only way to remove banks or wake them up is to remove your money from them. The UK banking system has always played to the benefit of the banks and its cronies lets remember the cronies are the same people that manipulate the politics in the country. There is no ethics they simply don’t have any same as morals. Keep your money out of the system the media and banking will keep pushing it needs your cash for the system but I will ask you this did you lose all their money or were you lu
mbered with their debts while they sit there paying their fat cats bonuses? thought so..

Working in these manners being more aggressive with your cash can only benefit you which is why squeezing any profit out of every coin is the way to go. Simplify your banking and remove your cash from them as much as possible, split your cash into specific budgets e.g. car fuel, groceries etc. that way you stick to your budget these things have been removed from society to make people overspend you need to reintroduce them to your style of living.