What is it about the Travel Bug that separates people from “normal” life?

Its something many people don’t and never will understand the difference of a 9-5 job and building a career that suits life round the bank balance a house and a second hand car. Compared to the life of a backpack or diving into the unknown in parts of the world most people wouldn’t recognise the name of never mind where it was on a map.

But the odd thing is people catch the travel bug very easily if they do something out of the ordinary. A trip to a country that isn’t based on tourism and then doing a bit of backpacking to slum it for a few weeks or months to give an environment that is closer to real life on the road less travelled. There is something about seeing things that most people don’t get to and taking a trek across mountain trails or spending time with locals in a remote location opens up a world that you won’t find on any package holiday. From people I have met over the years and its something we discuss very often here with those of us that made the plunge to not only just travel here in the Philippines but other parts of the globe is we wonder what it is that stops others doing it as I have yet to meet anyone who regrets the travelling life.

I know from people I talk to about it back in the UK the mortgage, job, debt payments all stop people taking up a more interesting life but more often than not they are cycles of debt caused by excess rather than not being able to do it. The Plasma TV, New clothes, New car (on monthly payments), bigger house. All things  that end up costing at least 5 years of time when you look at the way most people spend. Backpacking or even relocating gives an open book on life in other parts of the world, new world experiences and often uplifting changes to your own life.

All I can say though is enjoy the travel bug while you can many leave it until they retire and its too late. I think everyone should do 2 – 3years travelling at some stage in their life to open their eyes to other ways of life and the fact the world is a lot bigger than the local pub, office and home.

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  1. Jakinthebox
    April 10, 2011 at 7:28 am

    Odd thing about the travel bug though is most people don’t get it at all and those that do don’t get why others don’t..lol