What is it about the Philippines that attracts foreigner men?

I can view this only from my experiences over the years but on a personal note I find that the Philippines although becoming westernised quickly is still managing to maintain some of its cultural differences with family bonds for example which make this an important and attractive destination for men from all over the world. But it doesn’t mean its the same for everyone. My in-laws are great and we pretty much work together for common goals which have improved everyone’s lives as we prosper as a group. What I think breaks down some of these factors for others is the problems with family members due to greed or some other personal gain which result in a break down of group mentality. But I have also met some foreigners who see their partners family as not their problem and don’t help out which can often go badly wrong due to pressure put on the partner. But at the same time I know others who have given a lot over the years and now don’t know how to switch the tap off of endless cash flow to the families. It wasn’t all smooth running for us but things have pretty much fallen into place now and ticking along.

The other major factor is that Filipinas find foreign men attractive for fair skin, blue eyes and a lot of other reasons. I have asked a few women about what is it about foreign men and besides the above reasons its also to do with stability, faithful and reliable. I think a lot of the views of foreign men are a bit tainted as most sights of the outside world come via the TV and Movie theatres. But also the fact that due to harsh realities and the practicalities of life in the Philippines the Filipino people are used to “making do” and being practical with things in life so even if your no male model you will probably meet a woman that would in Western culture wouldn’t even give you a second look. On top of that its likely you will fall for each other. You will hear a lot of people say “don’t take your partner back to your home country”. But realistically if your a match your a match moving country wont make any difference except maybe the huge changes for your partner to integrate into a western culture.

“What do Filipinas have that western women don’t?” you might be asking but its the wrong question it should be “What have Western women forgotten that Filipinas haven’t?”. Which in reality is that the family unit is the most important aspect of life. Its  not an attack on women but an attack on feminism which has caused a displacement in Western cultures. If a woman attacks men on grounds of equality its called progress for equal rights. If men attack women on the same issues that are in reversal its called sexism. I’m not hear to get in a debate about it but its one of the main reason I choose to live in the Philippines personally and I know many others with the same thoughts. No I’m not sexist I’m a strong believer in equality for all but in that same sentence I don’t expect people to use sex, colour or race as an excuse to demand equality. Equality should be the fact we are all human beings not minority groups.