What is it about the Foreigner?

Its something I never experienced until I came to the Philippines. Just being a Western foreigner with white skin puts you in a whole new light. You could be pretty ugly, over weight, getting old but women still want to meet you and more often than not want to settle down with you. My question is why?? I know Filipina’s like most of Asia has an obsession with white skin. I didn’t know of whitening soaps existence until I came to the Philippines. Filipina’s also love blue eyes. I’m not sure if they are looking at the husband to be or thinking how beautiful the children will be as family is a major thing here. Having a euro-filipino baby is something ive heard many women desire for and there is a lot of the televisions stars here which are of mixed race so maybe this has something to do with it. I just know it’s a puzzle im still trying to figure out. But if you’re a single guy with blue eyes, blonde hair and light skin you’re in the right place!! lol.. I can understand the financial benefits of having a foreign husband / boyfriend as the majority of the population are living very poor lives. Which wouldn’t seem so poor if the media didn’t promote such high standards of life on television. I just know as a foreigner here its like visiting Disney land. As soon as i see the green land and the plane dropping altitude its like the front gates. Big smiles and happiness arrive! You enter the airport and although it’s a major pain going through immigration with the delay time it takes on the other side and heading out the main doors the feeling of im home! is amazing. 100s of taxi drivers trying to get you to take theyre cab at an over priced rate and the general chaos at that moment until i get to my home don’t really matter because your home. . . From a foreigners perspective we are treated better than we would ever be in our own countries and the cheap living and beautiful people will keep more of us coming.