What is it about foreign men Filipinas desire/want?

There is the obsession with white skin which actually finds whitening soap hit the shelves in the Philippines. The blue eyes, blonde hair but what else once we deal with vanity?

I think there is a belief that foreigners can also bring more stability to a relationship as well as being faithful. But statistic wise its probably about the same as the Philippines but at the same time I wonder if its the foreigners that actually come to the Philippines that make the difference. Are they loyal? are they just looking for an easy life to live out their days? To be honest most of the guys here are divorcees or come from an environment that stopped them having a good relationship e.g. international work or working on oil rigs etc. So are they better guys? if they are divorced I think they know more of what they want out of a relationship and a lot easier to please as they have been through all the western hoops and trappings of such things as keeping up with the neighbours. So here they are looking for a good partner who can cook and do the general household things they hate at the same time most women I have met would be happy to be at home rather than the early start to get to a jeepney to take them into the city before returning home at dark once the day is done. Its something that could work easily in harmony if they actually get on well. The loyalty thing would also come from the previous experiences where they have experienced cheating wives or they were loyal anyway. So I begin to wonder if the ratio is a bit higher than it should be which is where this false myth of all western men come from. At the same time localised people see Foreigners as drunken, noisy and arrogant. So how would both of these images sit side by side? I think in reality it comes down to a mix of both as people drink too much here I have yet to hear someone say I am wrong. But beer is cheap and every time you meet someone things are talked over alcohol. Is it the fact the guys are happy to sit round a beer than chase women that also keeps them on a trail of loyalty? Who knows….

Either way as long as everyone stays happy nothing else really matters..