What is it about Cebu?

Lots of people ask why Cebu? why the Philippines? to be honest it wasn’t my first port of call for travel and it was more to do with the fact me and April met and I made the trip to see her. But shortly after I fell in love with the place. Sometimes the chaos of driving is stressful but everything else is a much slower pace. “it can be done tomorrow.. if not tomorrow next week”. Once you drop into that type of thinking everything relaxes. Doesn’t mean you have to do it personally as I try to develop things on the internet each day. But it does mean if you wanted something doing don’t expect a rush on it happening much better to just ask it to be done and get on with something else. It will be taken care of but time frame isn’t important. This took a bit of getting used to as im always ahead with workloads etc. personally always submitting ahead of schedule often weeks ahead when others are weeks behind. But its part of life here and one you will need to get used to if you want to really enjoy the Philippines. Hospitality is something that’s always very important also, visiting someones house regardless of wealth they will always feed and offer you drinks. Making you an important guest and friend we don’t often host things too much at our own house due to size. But maybe in the future as our business ventures develop. As we like to have a Christmas party for the children in the Community each year… Soon our preparations for that will begin. The people make Cebu and the Philippines a wonderful place to visit. Pleasant,always smiling and eager to chat with you. I’ve heard from many retirees here that they lose at least 10 years as soon as they step off the plane and its true. But it may not be age but more to do with attitude. In the U.S. or UK people see an old man who’s life has passed.. in the Philippines they see a person with experience and knowledge from another country an elder who they respect. I prefer to blend in than be the centre of attention but it’s virtually impossible unless the place is full of foreigners as even buying things from a store encourages chat from the sales counter. The beaches and islands are breath-taking but the cities I find are to congested and full of pollution. Best time to visit the cities is around 10am and try to be back out before rush hour otherwise you will be stuck in the congestion. There are plenty of places to visit and if you take a tour you will find nearly every town, village has something of interest. Bit like a christmas advent calender each day you open a door to reveal something new. That is the Philippines..