What is a V – Hire??

You may hear me say V-Hire a lot regarding how to get to places. Basically its a minibus. Normally a Toyota or similar branded vehicle with Aircon and used a lot for commuting from town to town or taking the family out on a day trip. You can hire them directly normally from the driver per day. Its often a cheap and more comfortable option of travel. You can find them at the main bus terminals aswell as other locations.. Advise is negotiate the price. I wont post any prices here because quite simply they will no doubt be moving with the costs of fuels and exchange rates. Making it impossible for me to give you a good idea of price. But a full day hire last year cost me around P2,000 including the fuel.


I know its a short post but its one of the vehicles i havent covered much on and its easier to show once then I can just put V-Hire instead of explaining each time.