What happens if the West stopped trying to feed the world?

The only real connection to the Philippines in this article is that it would be adversely affected if money did stop flowing at the same time lands sit empty here due to lack of farming yet the country receives aid in crisis and like most of the developing world there is untapped opportunities that are simply left purely down to a false state of stability and a gravy train of food and money arriving halting real progress.

If you look at Haiti many of its farming devastation seen the arrival of food aid but not tools,seeds or equipment to rebuild the country. Most of what has happened to Haiti is man made such as the clearances of its forests for short-term profits leaving the land exposed to not only drying out but also the elements such as weather that could be slowed crossing the nation instead of leaving devastation in its wake. A rising community not only needing aid but expect it on a continuous basis unwilling and not needing to fend for itself. The world sees this phenomenon rising across the planet for several decades where people begin to have a false savior and stagnant existence. A world in which people are expecting someone else to pickup the tab for them and know that it doesn’t matter how much damage they do or what they will get bailed out. Problem is its not all sitting pretty as much of this money is siphoned off by regimes keeping some people extremely rich as they exploit their countries under their rule for their personal gain. A recent crab farming industry cropped up in Bangladesh by accident as their rice harvest was destroyed by sea water polluting their fields yet they adapted to survive and now actually looking to continue crab farming because the profits are a lot higher than rice. Proving many things on this planet are about change especially with the climate changes happening around or sphere but its the human element that often makes things difficult to change. Removing aid or at least threatening a cutoff point if people and countries don’t at least start to change may be something the world needs to kick start actually doing things about the worlds problems instead of just talking about it and solving nothing.

Someone stated to me the differences when travelling through Africa about nations when asking the people he met what was the differences generally Westerners were there either via religion, government representative or AID organizations. On the other hand Chinese people there can see the potential and were doing business as well as helping to develop the African nations with infrastructure as well as wanting access to its resources.. no free gift but probably done a lot more to benefit Africa than the constant flow of cash and aid that goes unmonitored and regulated as its “humanitarian” which basically means non-governmental, non-controlled, non-regulated and prone to misspending, corruption and propping up regimes by carrying out the work the regimes should be doing allowing the regimes to buy things like arms instead of investing in their people.

A lot of people have argued the case helping people today maybe they will help us tomorrow but I would say these regimes don’t care for their people while would they care about you?