What gives Filipina’s that sex appeal?

After the last few years its become apparent none of the guys I have met would ever look at a Western woman twice. There is something about Filipina’s that really hit the mark when it comes to be being sexy and often its not just the obvious fact of diet and looks, but in a smile and attitude that is more playful and fun than the West. Sometimes drives guys crazy because its more about fun first than earning enough money to survive. Culturally your gaining a partner that gives you a spark even in the bad times. We have had some hard times financially and while I am searching through trying to find ways to make extra money my wife will always be the normal glowing self that she is. The positive attitude that is irrelevant to what your doing but at the same time its not some whiny Western woman complaining the bills aren’t being met. So is this that trait a good or a bad one? As distancing from reality and living for today and being carefree may actually extend your life if you don’t go broke first. There is also the spend,spend,spend trend I have seen in a lot of women as well but I think a lot of that is down to the guys not clamping down on the reins before the finances get out of control. Sometimes the Ego is bigger than real life and keeping this in check and the reality money does need to come from somewhere. The dominant male society is something pushed online when it comes to Filipino society where the women work hard and take the priority of looking after the family first. Giving them the responsibility of the children and home. At the same time I think this actually shows the women are probably more in control in the Philippines than they are given credit for. But either way Western guys and a great Filipina wife I think are probably some of the best couples in the world as the naturally compliment each other.