What do you miss when living in the Philippines from your home country?

There is very things that bother me or should I say that I miss from the UK except enough people to have in depth conversations with which in the Philippines most people haven’t experienced life outside of the countries borders and either have little knowledge of world politics for example or even more so not interested in the Politics. There are some things you can only discuss with people from the same cultures. At the same point there are things I do enjoy discussing locally but most of my conversations seem to be about engineering or construction related. But I do miss working aswell although I am generally busy doing something its the mixed environment of people that is healthy for the mind. Like having Jenna around at my old office having some really random conversations but it made the day go faster. Or with Edward about Zimbabwe (where he is originally from) and then there is Donovan who is a great friend well they all are. Its funny how the routine things of work is things that I miss most yet anyone who knows me work wise would tell you I have a bit of obsession with working.

Do I miss the food? to be honest I have a real obsession with KFC chicken when back in the UK its the Friday night thing where I have driven for hours to get back to my parents place so that I can see my daughter Nicole on Saturday its probably the equivalent of having a beer after work for most other people but I don’t drink too often in the UK anymore and I cut right back in the Philippines aswell. But its that initial bite of the crispy chicken and feeling the lettuce before you get the tang of the sauce. So yes there are some food things I miss and my Indian take aways. But also more importantly Nicole as she doesn’t keep in touch as much as I wish she would. But its also the days you remember when you spend time together such as before I left I remember Nicole falling asleep on the chair hugged upto me as she didn’t want me to go. Its strange how kids can make anyone’s day regardless of how long or hard its been it makes everything worthwhile. The only thing that really keeps me tied to the UK these days is purely family as everything else has become a shadow of itself.

TV had pretty much died a death over the last decade as the license fee went up and the Sky TV subscription went up in return the quality went down and the repeats went up. Never understood what caused it but it definitely pushed me away from watching most of the tripe on TV reality shows and soap operas. The other issue is that everybody wants to charge for everything what happened to doing things for the fun of it? Why do kids need a PSP or Xbox 360 just to get out of bed in the morning? Over here I see kids with parents that mainly play Mah-jong I rarely see them with any toys and yet they are always contented running around doing something.

I don’t miss having a nice car, a big house or the cold weather its funny I was just thinking of the times I used to go out in the snow years ago when I would breathe in that fresh cold air and it felt good. At the same time I remember working out in the same weather where my fingers would crack and bleed from the cold and sometimes even had tools stuck to my hand because they were so cold. So no don’t miss the cold although I do love the rain but I can get that here and I am looking forward to it coming down really hard next month.

So in reality I only really miss family and friends but also when I am in the UK I have the same scenario but from an opposite country.