What do I do about having a US address if I no longer live there and still need mail delivering?

First option would be to ask a relative or close friend as they can receive your mail at their home address although the majority of it will be a waste of the paper its written on things like bank statements need to be received otherwise could cause problems with your bank account if returned. If you can’t get a friend etc. to let you use their address the next option would be a Post Office Box address where people can collect your mail every now and again. They are easy to setup and just involve visiting the post office and filling out a few forms there will no doubt be charges with it so worth checking how much it will cost you ongoing. Another option is local post office box which if your moving out to Cebu City in the Philippines they have an adequate mail service and your mail can go directly to the mailbox. Filter out most of your junk mind as they are unlikely to reach the Philippines as third class mail is dumped by the mail service before it arrives here.

Worth a visit to your local post office wherever you are to see what services are available as you may be surprised. Its often easier to get it directly to a main post office purely because of the way the mail systems work here I have things shipped from Manila to Cebu and often it can take another few days from Cebu to the house purely because of logistics where I can pick it up at the port within 20minutes of knowing its there (saving me 3 days!).