what computers to buy for a internet cafe in the Philippines

I originally set our net cafe up for chat users which involved installing P4 machines with XP which are not only stable but for things like spreadsheets, letters, net browsing are more than capable of the job. The issues came about when teenagers started to appear as they want to game and are used to simple flash based games such as Crazy Kart that run well but the problem in the Philippines is bandwidth. 10 PC’s all playing online not a good result on a 1mb connection also they lose interest quickly because there isn’t enough to keep them entertained. Xbox’s work well for a while but I wouldn’t advise buying any! Mine came from the UK so are worth more than I paid for them which is why they will be going up for sale shortly (Except for my 360).

The best option that seems to do the job is going with a mix. Get some cheaper PC’s in for the students and get some gaming PC’s for your gamers you could even charge different rates depending on what PC’s they are using. Because not only is a gaming PC more expensive to buy its hardware uses more electric.

So what spec do you need for a gaming PC these days? Ours are Dual Core with 2gb of ram, 250gb hard drive, 512mb GFX card (Go with the 1gb! its not much more in price). They can run left for dead and a little shy for Prototype (the game) although I am thinking if its worth going a little bit further for the only game that has given us problems. Minimum for Prototype is 4gb of ram and 1gb of GFX memory which seems excessively hungry.

I have also found that gaming wise things like Call of duty, battlefield, counter-strike are all the favourites. They all run on P4’s with a good graphics card. The problem is the newer versions e.g. Call of Duty 5 wouldn’t run on the P4s. But like I said mix and match a cheap PC can set you back less than P10,000 complete a Gaming PC is nearly P20,000 complete big difference in price and no point stacking up gaming machines to find your users are just doing homework.

Where to buy PC’s in Cebu. Its something I can do for you and even set it up. At the same time you can come and trial run a PC at the net cafe to see if it does what you need it to do before I order your PC. Currently we are doing the gaming PC’s at P13,000 which will come ready to load up with your software and pre-tested.