What camera to bring to the Philippines?

I was going over a friend of mine Simon’s underwater photos the other day and we got on to the discussion of what camera to use. The reason being he like me has some expensive camera equipment and neither of us are keen to dive with them or in fact pay the amount the cases cost for them as its cheaper to buy another camera.

So discussing this Simon mentioned he uses the Powershot 10 which you can see several photos taken while diving off Mactan, Cebu, Philippines below :-

243342_1379656108019_1730419260_619105_1763862_o  242666_1379679028592_1730419260_619178_659081_o

For the price the Canon Powershot D10 does the job and obviously its just as useful on land as it is on the seabed. Which then got me thinking about travelling around as my Canon EOS 35mm lens has developed a fault that can only be put down to the amount of travelling around we do. Its going to be cheaper to buy another lens than it would be to repair it. So started looking round for a rugged camera that’s designed for the rough and tumble as well which is where I came across this :-

Costing roughly the same as Simon’s but the case appears to be a bit more robust which suits my trekking around on scooter or hopefully shortly hiking with Lars giving me one less thing to be concerned about getting damaged. Being waterproof also has the obvious benefit when caught in the rain as being splash proof here doesn’t always cut it in heavy rainfall if stuck in the middle of nowhere trying to get back. Either way I rate both these cameras and have liked the Powershot models since I bought my James Bond phone for Casino Royale several years ago which is still a robust little mobile phone still going strong, Gone through 3 batteries but been dropped plenty of times as well as handled with kids and still working well.

Big question is anyone coming in from the U.S. who can grab me a camera on route?