Wet season (Christmas season!) in the Philippines

With the regular bombardment of rain which makes even heading out of to the local stores a pain due to the mud on the roads its time to settle down and carry on with the routine things I should have been doing before it all got busy. Recently we had the arrival of Aprils uncle a PNP Colonel who’s currently home on visit from Leyte. It involved 13 grande’s one day and  a large drum of tuba (coconut wine) the following.. capping that after the party at La Place with my friend Philip from the Jungle Restaurant aswell as 2 birthday parties I could do with a break! generally I find parties happen all at once then a lull in the middle bit like the weather.

As the run up to Christmas begins its time to decide if we will have a party this year or not. The event last year went well although wonder if it would be better to let the kids have a party instead of the adults especially some of the poorer kids in the neighbourhood. Its funny how the poorest kids always seem the happiest and it does worry me more with them in the rain as they will often be splashing around in the dirty stagnant puddles literally swimming in them. Which is why next week the first truck of hardcore rock will be arriving to tip into the puddles to start levelling up the bad parts of the track. After the first one is delivered I will be looking to get people to canvas to add to the track what they can afford as one thing is for sure I don’t mind helping but not having everyone sitting on my back.

Tempted to order a home delivery for Tesco’s/ASDA to drop off for Balikbayan Box as our UK supplies are starting to get low.. I wonder what other people would want in their Christmas stockings this year from the supermarket if they could?

I remember a few days ago talking with a friend on Facebook about the bacon butties with very specific ingredients, earlier in the year it was a similar discussion with Jim another friend of mine but with Lorne sausages.. its funny how you can crave every day things if you don’t see them for some time. I know when I get to the UK the KFC chicken is one of the first places to stop over for replenishment quickly followed by a good old balti.

Christmas this year though will be a bit different to the others as I am here.. generally I am on route which means a lot of presents are coming with me as well as spare money for the season. This year business has taken over pretty much most of our lives and it will be a smaller affair but at the same time I think this year we have made some really good friends so could be an interesting time showing good company is more important than money..