Welcome to the UK

As i arrived in the UK like everytime I come back from Cebu I think why am I here? It no longer feels like home and infact a lot of things I just hate about the place. The biggest problem im finding is the government have pretty much sent the country into a nose dive towards failure. I dont know what it is that the labour government are sniffing but its a lot stronger than Rugby glue. Everything they have done or doing has a negative impact on the country. There is the new tax hikes to 50% for those earning above £150,000 would be nice to be earning that salary in the first place but personally if I had it available I think i would look to become a citizen of another country and just have a sales team in the UK. Back in the 90s I seen the demise of the furniture industry and the fact many of my counterparts moved to the Eastern block and not out of choice but survival. China now has had an influx of brains and cash from the UK aswell as many other parts of the West as people begin to relocate again. Does the UK regain these people?? Simple answer to that question is Royal Worcester Porcelain is no longer producing in Worcester (if at all), Wilton carpets are produced in Belgium and having some of my relatives dabble in antiques etc. The quality manufacturers are simpy disappearing over time. So what does this mean to the average person? Well simply we are kissing goodbye to our UK kids future. There is a strange mentality within governments that believe that countries can survive without farming and industry. We are currently a middle man society in the UK. The used car sales men of Europe we are allowing the government to strip all our industries aswell as let the brains behind the operations relocate. Employing people cheaper but also having the cheaper electric and taxes that we are not so lucky to have in the UK.  The UK can only bleed so much money until the collapse begins we are top heavy with public workers and managers, while every other sector is shrinking. We are in the middle of seeing the UK going back to eras of the past.. Closest thing I can imagine it to be is similar to the Victorian era where poor are really poor and rich are rich.. the middle class no longer existing. Similar to what the Philippines currently has but funnily enough the Philippines is heading towards a middle class developing. Is it all doom and gloom you maybe asking? Well to be honest I dont know thats the problem. I can see high unemployment a problem of the future. But will the country correct itself and put things back to where it once was? I have no crystal ball. But with the current outlook it doesnt look well.