Welcome To the Philippines Part 9 Facts And Opinions

Over the years I have seen opinions expressed as facts, e.g. you must put $5 in your passport at Manila airport. Give the guard at immigration P500 for processing your paperwork etc.

Reality is those things may have been needed a “long time ago” but they aren’t needed now. But possibly may have never been needed at all. A friend had this experience some time ago in relation to immigration in Cebu due to Filipinos stating that to get things done quicker you need to pay the guard. He went one day by himself and didn’t pay the guard realising that he had been paying someone for the last few years for no apparent reason than someone had told him. That is a simple version of when people “think” something but state it as fact.

The point being is many things in the Philippines are like this where you simply just need to check things out for yourself. When you hear things get the information from multiple sources and eventually you build a picture up of reliable information. But also find you can get rid of the information that is incorrect or people that look to make a profit from you.

The YouTube channels on the Philippines give you a broad selection of people and locations. If looking to move to the Philippines or holiday there you can get an idea of lifestyles, budgets, costs and locations. But ultimately the person who will have the guide to your life in the Philippines will be you when you write it. Because every person is different, every lifestyle is different, every location differs. You are the one person who needs to absorb information from locations and decide what suits you. Later on you can make a well informed decision on where you take things from here.


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