Weird, wonderful and strange internet cafe buildings

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I thought this article is important because we have to look at a sustainable business aswell as what the local community can afford. There is no point spending P1m on an internet cafe cant support it. Or will take a decade to recover your costs. The secret to a good business can be seen in some of the businesses on this page. Like the one below noticeinternet_cafe_02 not only is it an internet cafe but also a laundry and mini mart.

It may seem a little odd

but its all about surviving and meeting demand without stretching the businesses budget beyond its feasibility as a business.

internet_cafe_01  internet_cafe_03internet_cafe_05  internet_cafe_07internet_cafe_06  internet_cafe_17 internet_cafe_35

I haven’t written too much on this article as a picture says a thousand words and there are a lot of pictures on this page! But the other thing to look at besides how people are operating but also the fact the majority of the internet cafes keep the frontage tidy where possible.