Wealthy People In Cebu, Philippines

People often concentrate on the poverty in the Philippines forgetting all those rich people living on the backs of others but more importantly from a business perspective there are people still doing business here, although head up into the mountains in any province you normally come across huge houses which are owned by extremely wealthy locals generally from political families that have spread they’re wings or been giving business opportunities to just be part of a business in name only (still receiving a payment regularly obviously). Interesting thing is when people tell me they have a business and its nothing to do with rich families you often stumble into things they forget to mention like marrying into the family.

Anyway the point being it is possible to make money in the Philippines and become rich at the same time a lot of people do question if its either worth the risk or hassles to be bothered by people looking out to steal it right from under you, which gets back to keeping anything you do under the radar and not too obvious. If people are so obvious then it normally comes down to two things they are either stupid or they are involved with the same people others try and avoid.

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