We Sell Lechon Baboy

Ok this is a new venture for us as we start building our pigs up for market but we are hoping to sell Lechon Baboy (BBQ Pig) soon. We currently have 10 pigs and purchasing another 10 this week eventually we will have around 100 pigs at various stages of growth which means we can provide you with Lechon Baboy for things like Fiesta, Christmas, Birthdays etc. If its something your interested in as we will be selling our products and local prices + any transfer fees incurred by payments. Advantage of this is you can order on the internet a surprise meal for your family or wifes family online. We can guarantee our stock is of good quality and its a status symbol in the Philippines aswell as the national dish. The reason that started me doing this was a friend of mine had given a father inlaw money for a Lechon Baboy for his birthday but he proceeded to spend the money on something else leaving no pig for the event. We wont get into that we simply turn up with the Pig there is no refunds to family as it is “YOUR” money. Our pigs are well cared for infact April commented that her parents spend more time with the pigs than they do with theyre children. If we dont stock a pig at the time we will organise purchasing locally and just charge a small fee for organising things and processing the payment. Im well aware of the prices a lot of things are being charged online and its nowhere near the real prices in the Philippines.

For those of you interested in how things are prepared i came across this online which is a similar way to how things are done. Its very graphic so be warned http://www.bbq-book.com/news2006/html/may_2006.html

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  1. March 11, 2011 at 9:19 am

    Philippines is really renown for this Lechon Baboy. I once went to the Philippines to eat their different dishes and this Lechon baboy is really so delicious. You can feel the oil from fats of the pigs dripping in your mouth while you’re taking a bite of it. Just be concern of your blood pressure because it will surely affect it.