We function as a family.

Matt Wilkie at Trafalgar Square in London 2015 - Photo by and copyright of Matt WilkieAlthough stuck in the UK working at the minute the Philippines projects are about to start again. Today had news all the windows are now finished.

But we have another project coming up for April’s parents, as we convert the old kitchen and bedroom into one large bedroom. The rest of our changes have been beneficial for renting out recently. But the next upgrade is for April’s parents to give them a much upgraded new bedroom with a lot more space.

Which although timing is a little difficult as we are either going to see me finish work in the next 3 months to stop for the winter. Not because of working being quiet but simply I like having Christmas with my family. But we will try to balance building cash up for the time I am about to take off work with also completing the project. Although we do expect the project to cost at least P50,000 but could possibly be more. As I said to April though its something of a thank you to April’s parents for all the help and support for the years in the Philippines we had and will have in the future. I couldn’t ask for better in-laws and at the same time I have become close to April’s parents over the years.

Life is about happiness and helping those around you, my happiest times have always been spent with others.