Watching Youtube videos about general life in the Philippines

I started uploading videos I took last year into YouTube which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but at the same time its important. Road trips along the routes through Cebu for example give a snapshot of life in 2010 which historically may be of use in later years by others but on top of that its done for the thousands of people abroad from those areas. Within hours of putting up ride through videos of Naga City in Cebu people were emailing and messaging me on Facebook to say thank you and how much Naga has changed. So if your not interested in them and find it a bit dull please remember there are people that haven’t been home for over a decade and miss their home towns.

2011 There will be more of this and hopefully a bit more localised spending a bit of time in things like markets and fishing areas to give a wider story of real life in the Philippines. There are plenty of others covering the beaches and tourism side which is why I will generally not be doing that side unless people actually want real interviews to promote their bars, restaurants, hotels or resorts to give it promotion at the same time anything published on is allowed to take critism and its up to the owner of the establishment to defend anything negative that crops up. If its flaming or unfounded it will be left online but I will add the “truth” to the comment system. The reason for this is that I want this site to remain impartial as much as possible and moderation should only involve removing flaming arguments or spam.

If you are interested in the videos search for TropicalPenpals on