Watching The Kids Grow Up

As the preparations begin for the move to the UK the fact remains one of the most important things I got out of life in the Philippines was watching the kids grow up over a period of time. In the UK I didn’t get to do it as much as I should have with my daughter Nicole because of work and other issues, so having this time to be at home around the kids most of the time has been pretty special and looking forward to developing a lifestyle more in tune with what we have as a family in the Philippines in the UK.

The other side of this is the people around us and knowing that the kids are going to be missed as no doubt people will be missing us as much as we will miss them. There was no shouts of joy when we made the decision to head West more a look of sadness that were going. I was surprised at the amount of response that was received on the blog as well as Facebook with people wishing us well. Won’t be a quick exit but more importantly we are looking to make sure everything is done properly so no problems at immigration. On top of that going to start teaching Aprils father how to maintain and reset the computers as well as the new yaya (she will be staying and helping with the store instead, as she’s a good girl and hardworking have no problem funding her finishing her education). This will help with us uploading the new things going on in the UK as well as family here being able to send webcam messages etc. so everyone keeps in touch as much as possible.

Long term would love to see Aprils parents come and see the UK for themselves as they are wonderful parents although sometimes a bit over protective their hearts are always in the right place.

On top of this the business ventures are still up and running and hoping to start Aga off on a venture once I get settled in the UK as well. Big problem as a foreigner is micro management of ventures in the Philippines as you become absorb in projects that simply don’t give enough revenue to justify the amount of hours spent on them on a regular basis. Locally though someone doing 3 – 4 of the projects we already do are earning more than most OFW’s never mind local salaries.