Watching movies abroad for free by guest writer Tim Potter

Streaming Movies for Free

Let me introduce myself. I’ve been living in the Philippines since 2007, after traveling throughout the world during my time in the US Marine Corps. One of the first things I missed after arriving was the sporting events and movies that I could always watch in the US. I found a solution to my problems and the best part is it’s free. Little is made of this as people travel, yet using this solution can bring a little joy in watching a movie or just seeing a familiar face on TV. I have been traveling around Cebu for over a year, providing service to install these programs and on a scale of 1-10, the installation is about a 3. Average and above users can knock this out. Since most of the internet connections in places outside of Manila leave a little to be desired, this allows you to stream video on a 1 MB connection without buffering.

Let me start with the fact that everything I’m sharing with you is always free, including the tutorials I wrote to assist you. The programs are all virus and malware free. Using an online virus tool is an excellent way to check them, if you wish.

The first program is called Funshion. It’s a peer to peer client with very fast streaming abilities. I use it on a 1 MB connection and stream movies without buffering. I do not recommend downloading the version directly from the Funshion website because that version is filled with a lot of "annoy ware". The version I’m linking you to is a "green version", a Chinese way of saying it has zero ads. The program works seamlessly with a database of over 20,000 movies and TV shows. Though the program menus are in Chinese, you can switch them to English by following this little tip. After installing, you can find some Chinese characters next to the T-shirt. Drop that menu down, select the second menu item and then the first menu item. You will now see the word "English" and all you need to do is click it. Download the tutorial and have a look. The program is as easy as searching and clicking on your favorite show. Yes, it is in Chinese yet the search works in English. With anything free from China, there is a hidden cost. You have to endure Chinese subtitles.

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The second program is called PPstream. This is a unique piece of software that is geared more to the movies and there are lots and lots of movies. Currently on PPstream, there are over 6,000 movies – some are first run movies and some even date back to "Duck Soup". I watched " A Clockwork Orange" recently and I really enjoyed the movie. Again, the program on the website is filled with "annoy ware", so I’ve provided a link to the green version. What is nice about this program is that there’s an English website. You can look for the movies on the site and then just click the movie. The search does not work well because the translation is not very good. The program is simple and easy to use and there’s not much to it – an awesome way to watch movies. You should check the website out and decide if you want the program. I don’t think you’ll regret it.


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