Warning When Visiting Immigration At Mandaue,Cebu,Philippines

There has always been a “long trousers and no flip flop” rule when visiting immigration at Mandaue,Cebu,Philippines but generally its sometimes enforced and sometimes not. But today we just had one of our tenants come back who was refused entry unless he had long trousers.

Personally I think if your neat and tidy it shouldn’t be an issue but for some reason immigration like you looking spick and span when you turn up. Well outside they have also added a “trouser rental” for which my tenant today parted with P50 to wear some oversized jogging bottoms with “Philippines” written down the side. Due to the size of the jogging bottoms it was more like wearing clowns trousers. Sort of defeats the object of looking smart?

So just a warning to make sure you don’t wear cut off sleeves on your shirt,shorts or flip flops otherwise your going to get irritated. Joke being most people are just there for renewals so if they had an exterior kiosk nobody would actually need to go into immigration (but then again if you didn’t go in you wouldn’t get the “psst want me to help you?” from immigration officials after making some money from bribes for processing the paperwork for you.

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  1. Mark
    November 5, 2011 at 11:33 am

    Here in Davao, you will not get past the guard at BoI if you’re accompanied by your wife, or girlfriend, who is “inappropriately-dressed” even if you are in full compliance with their dress-code.

    Just yesterday my wife and I had to go to BoI for the issuance of my 13a Visa – except that my wife had forgotten that flip-flops are not allowed. Fortunately she had a proper pair of shoes in the car so we weren’t too badly inconvenienced.

    It’s all a matter of showing respect and for us foreigners, we are “guests” here remember, the Bureau of Immigration is the most significant Government department we encounter.