Want to run an ebay business in the West by exporting from the Philippines? – Philpost hiked its prices (rates attached)

Philpost Price Increase Protest Group!The thing with the Philippines it does have some grass route opportunities with things like getting bags made or maybe custom clothing. Small items that you can ship to the West cheaply or should I say you should be able to but can’t. The reason being that Philpost has hiked its prices by as much as 80% which has caused the loss of an already competitive market.

It now costs 1,685 Pesos to send a 1kg parcel to the UK or USA.
The cost to send 1kg from the USA? $13.45 / P618
The cost to send 1kg from the UK? 12.37 GBP / P841


Why the hike? To be honest I am beginning to just accept things as being the way they are as nobody does anything about it and often there are no real reasons. Point being often the cost of sending things will out way the cost of people buying locally unless you have something very unique that they will wait for. But it doesn’t mean give up hope.. depending on what products your selling there are drop ship options out of China as well as shipping via Hong Kong which seems extremely cheap when I order stuff myself for the UK as well as fast.

Seems PhilPost has put a nail in the coffin of small exporters a business that should be encouraged as often these small businesses can take off in a big way offering jobs to others.There is a small facebook group challenging it but not sure how and no doubt to little success but here is the link if you want to contribute.

3 comments for “Want to run an ebay business in the West by exporting from the Philippines? – Philpost hiked its prices (rates attached)

  1. Simon.
    August 23, 2010 at 8:47 am

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the article.

    I am the creator of the facebook group. I contacted news editors, “The Entrepreneur” Magazine in the Philippines, and politicians and nobody is interested.

    How the Philippines can expect to grow it’s domestic economy and attract OFWs back home I don’t know. We are looking to leave the country as our once successful business is dying to their greed, corruption and apathy. The post office staff are still as rude and lazy as ever. They still do not have the correct packing materials and can not say when they will get any (it’s been 3 months now).

    The best bit is they ask “Oh, why do you have some few parcels to send?

    It makes me so mad but apparently we are in the minority.

  2. Tropicalpenpals
    August 23, 2010 at 10:10 am

    I think its purely down to the fact those at the top benefit by holding the rest of the country back. At some point it will force a collapse or a complete system change which will happen first who knows. All I can see is they are their own worst enemy as they are letting the country slide against its rivals such as China and already China is training thousands of nurses so at what point will RP struggle with the OFW market as well?

    The exchange rates in the West are also affecting businesses but with the price increases and services running against local businesses that rely on the mail service it can only hinder any improvement in fact its offering up the market to China on a plate..

  3. Tropicalpenpals
    October 4, 2010 at 7:39 am

    I can understand your frustrations as simply like most industries it seems that those in power really don’t care.. look at the mess PAL is in with its current strikes and losing its pilots to China. What was PAL’s answer to the pilots? get back to work by August 8th.. as if they would its a sad state of affairs and I do hope things will change but it seems to be making more and more sense to use the Philippines as a base of operations and export from other countries instead that do support the industry.