Want to make a difference ? – Kiva


I’m not into Charity as you have no doubt heard me say several times before but I came across Kiva earlier in the year which is an organisation that deals with no interest rate loans for businesses in developing nations. E.g. I lent someone $50 towards a small business and others have added funds aswell to make it up to the total required by the lender. At some point the loan will be repaid and my money and the other people funding the project will be able to use our money into someone else’s project. What is the advantage of this? Means you are literally lending your money to a specific project and can see where it is going. Means you can re-lend the same money over and over again and most importantly really make a difference to people and future generations if the businesses develop. So pretty much a win for all concerned unless the person defaults which seems to only happen when something major happens such as a death in the family and even then it seems most will try to repay when they can.  So if you have a spare £20 less than a price of a night out you could be part of something really worthwhile and I would recommend sticking it in Kiva and seeing where it leads you in helping people. So if your up for it click here